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This is where you can read and experience #TheDifferenceWeMake in our workplaces, universities, medical centres, communities and beyond.


Read stories and submissions below. 

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Humanitarian Nursing & Paramedical Aid (Charity-NGO)

Canton Ticino, Switzerland

What does your organisation do?


Organize and provide paramedical care in international settings within crisis situations. HUNPA is carrying out humanitarian missions in Ukraine; the main activities are: providing free paramedical assistance and remote medical assessment with telemedicine to the population still living in conflict areas; provide emergency care training to civilians and military personnel.

What impact did this have?


People (especially elderly people) receive medical care for the first time since the start of the war, but above all they receive emotional support and feel the compassion of foreign healthcare workers: they are grateful because they do not feel forgotten.

Our paramedics providing care during the first mission in September 2023 in Donbass area (Ukraine).

DocBike Devon

Devon, United Kingdom

What does your organisation do?


We attend motorcycle events in Devon and engage with motorcyclists to teach them small changes they can make to avoid being involved in a serious or fatal collision. With a team of volunteers (3 in Devon being paramedics) we are about using positive conversation to teach bikers how to get the right bike clothing, how to be more skillful and when to ride fast (Track days!).

What impact did this have?


This will make Devon's roads safer for bikers. By promoting more skillful riding this will reduce serious or fatal collisions involving motorbikes.

Photos of us receiving charitable donations. Financial donations from Devon Freemasons and a Bike kindly donated to us by RevComps.

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