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Whether you are a professional paramedics body, a practising paramedic or another member of the profession, a student, journalist or member of the public, we hope that you will join us in celebrating International Paramedics Day on the 8th July 2022.

You can do this by engaging with our content and sharing it as widely as possible – or creating your own.

Paramedics: Join others in discussing and sharing your proudest and most memorable moments in helping, supporting or caring for people. This will shine a spotlight on the vital work that you do in a wide range of scenarios and settings.

Students: Why not talk about the reasons you have chosen to become a paramedic and why you feel proud to have chosen a career in paramedicine. Help others decide to become a paramedic.

Members of the Public: Show paramedics how much they are appreciated by discussing how you or a loved one has benefited from their services. Explain why you feel paramedics should be proud of the work that they do. Help to encourage paramedics to keep doing what they are doing.





Here you will find the latest news and information. Please engage with our content using the hashtags #InternationalParamedicsDay, #ProudToBeAParamedic and #IPD2022

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The following resources are available for you to use to promote the aims of International Paramedics Day.

  • The official logo

  • Launch day press release and template

  • Showcase video (to be published in due course) 

  • Biography of Dominique-Jean Larrey

  • International Paramedics Day poster

  • Social media cards

All of these resources can be found on our downloads page.


As the creators and organisers of the inaugural event, the College of Paramedics in the UK will be putting together a showreel comprising still and moving imagery to demonstrate how paramedics around the world are making a difference to people's lives every moment of every day.  


This showreel will demonstrate the vital role that paramedics play in almost every aspect of daily life – at school, in the workplace, at home, out on the town, on the sports field, at the scene of road traffic accidents, in emergency situations, during natural disasters, in military training and on the battle field. 




Download our video and photo guidance and details of how to upload your content for inclusion in the showreel.

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