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We hope that you will join us in celebrating International Paramedics Day on 8th July 2024. 

You can do this by engaging with our content and sharing it as widely as possible – or creating your own.

Here’s how:

1. Tell us #TheDifferenceWeMake, what you do, where you do it, and how this has had a positive outcome within your workplaces, universities, medical centres, and communities - using our submission template which is available for you to complete and upload.

We will share as many of these submissions as we can on the International Paramedics Day website and on the official IPD Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media channels!

2. Create your own posts on and running up to - the 8th July 2024, share #TheDifferenceWeMake using your own social media accounts. Please remember to use the hashtags #TheDifferenceWeMake and #IPD2024.

3. Encourage your employer and colleagues to mark the occasion in your own workplace and make it memorable, for yourselves as well as the people you care for. Don’t forget to share your activities on social media and join the conversation.





Please keep a close eye on our social media channels for updates and information. You can support the campaign by liking, sharing and commenting on our content using the hashtags #IPD2024 and #TheDifferenceWeMake

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The following resources are available for you to use to promote the aims of International Paramedics Day.

•    The official logo
•    Biography of Dominique-Jean Larrey
•    Artwork to support your social media activities

All of these resources can be found on our downloads page.

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