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Emergency Services Times: Shine a spotlight on someone you know for International Paramedics Day 2024

On the 8th July 2024, paramedics, student paramedics, first responders and community volunteers from around the world will come together to celebrate this years’ International Paramedics Day.

This year’s theme is The Difference We Make, where the College of Paramedics will celebrate and acknowledge the difference paramedics and health organisations make. So far, the College of Paramedics has over 100 partners, from 26 countries, joining to celebrate International Paramedics Day 2024.

The College of Paramedics wants to hear about the amazing efforts of people in your community. This could be your patients, work colleagues, students, community or the advancement of the paramedic profession. To showcase the achievement of an individual or organisation you know, all you have to do is fill in a quick submission form and describe how they are making a difference. The College will then publish and promote them through its social media channels on 8 July.

To find out more about International Paramedics Day 2024 visit the campaign website here.

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