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Join us in celebrating International Paramedics Day on Friday, 8th July

In less than 24 hours we will be celebrating our first International Paramedics Day. And what a day it will be!

More than 40 paramedic associations, higher education institutions and affiliated organisations from around the world will come together to recognise and celebrate the care and dedication of paramedics, student paramedics, first responders and all those who work in pre-hospital care. From the UK to America, Africa to Australia, tomorrow is our chance to salute everyone who is proud to be a paramedic and remember the personal sacrifices and life-saving efforts they have made during the Covid-19 pandemic. And that’s exactly what one of our partners, the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) plans to do.

Anna Parry, Deputy Managing Director of AACE said: “AACE is extremely pleased to be one of the key global partners supporting the inaugural International Paramedics Day.

“Paramedics – alongside other frontline clinical staff and volunteers – play a crucial role in the ambulance workforce, showing endless commitment and dedication to saving lives and caring for patients every day.

“At a time when the UK ambulance sector is under intense pressure, the wellbeing of our staff is of paramount importance, and publicly recognising and acknowledging the vital role paramedics play within the NHS workforce is an important way of saying thank you to them all.

“The theme of this year’s event may well be ‘proud to be a paramedic’ but we are indeed extremely proud to have paramedics as a vital part of our ambulance workforce and we join our international colleagues in celebrating the profession’s achievements.”

So many of you have already shared why you are proud to be a paramedic on our amazing video showreel which you can watch @ParamedicsDay on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and share from Friday, 8th July. You will also find it on our International Paramedics Day website.

And for those of you who haven’t yet engaged with the event, now is the time to let the world know why you love being a paramedic, supporting paramedics or training to be a paramedic. This is your moment to sing the praises of your colleagues, share your experiences and celebrate with your peers across the globe.

Simply spread the word on social media by getting involved with two key platforms:

International Paramedics Day: @ParamedicsDay on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

College of Paramedics: @ParamedicsUK on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

Here are a few examples of how you can show your support on 8th July:

· Watch our International Paramedics Day video showreel and share it

· Listen to a podcast of Tracy Nicholls, CEO at the College of Paramedics, talking about International Paramedics Day and comment on it

· Share our social media cards which can be found on the downloads page

· Share your stories: Which job has been your most rewarding and why?

· Talk about your experiences: What was your most memorable job and why?

· Discuss your training: What has been your biggest milestone so far?

· Upload your photographs of life as a paramedic

· Use your phone to make a short video of yourself or colleagues – for example, chatting about why being a paramedic or a first responder is such a great career choice

· Publish a few words that might inspire students or younger people considering a career as a paramedic or one of the other vital support roles

· Share content created by your employer – or ask your employer to get involved

· Interact with content posted by fellow paramedics, first responders, support staff and students from around the world

· Check out this website at and look at the photographs and video clips submitted by over 40 paramedics organisations and individuals from around the world

· Visit the College of Paramedics - the professional body for UK paramedics – and find out how you can benefit from becoming a member:

Don’t forget to use the hashtags:

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