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Travelling the World: Visits to my Global Paramedic Family

Two months I had to fill between my university qualification and starting as a paramedic on UK roads. God knows how I ended up going to Mexico for an ambulance placement. Maybe I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to do some last-minute gap travelling or continue clinical activities… so I just did both. It changed my paramedic mindset forever. I cannot describe the feeling of travelling to a new continent, barely speaking the language, everything brand new and excitingly scary – and then meeting the Mexican crews! It was like coming home, as if I had always known them, the same dark humour, the same laissez-faire, the same worries, the same geekiness… it was one of the most wholesome experiences of my life. Having joined crews across three continents now, I was always welcomed with open arms. It made me proud and happy to be part of the global paramedic family! September will bring more paramedic explorations for me as I embark on a journey to visit more colleagues around the world to learn about their pre-hospital care systems. Follow and engage with TheParamedicLogbook if you are interested. It is time that we connect and share more, we have so much to gain! #InternationalParamedicsDay

Esther Dittmar

Paramedic with the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

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