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Trust marks International Paramedics Day 2022

Article by V2 Radio

Friday saw the South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust mark International Paramedics Day by celebrating the incredible work done by paramedics around the world, including the fantastic 1,231 paramedics who work for the trust.

For the first time, the trust honoured the incredible achievements of paramedics around the world on Friday, 8 July – the birth date of Dominique-Jean Larrey, the man who is considered to be the father of modern-day ambulance services.

In the UK, International Paramedics Day has been organised and run by the College of Paramedics.

Interim Chief Executive Fionna Moore said: “I am absolutely delighted to see us honouring and showcasing the fantastic work of the paramedic profession. “The profession has progressed so much over the last 50 years, since its humble beginnings in the UK in Brighton with the work of our very own Professor Douglas Chamberlain. “I would very much like to thank all paramedics across the world and here in SECAmb for the work that they do, whether in EOC, on the road or in specialist or support role, and in particular over the course of the last few years during the pandemic which have been very challenging. “You do fantastic job and you should feel very proud of what you do!”

In support of the event, the trust have been sharing stories of their paramedics across their social media channels.

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