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Welcome to our showcase.


This is where you can learn about how versatile the paramedic role really is. Nowadays, paramedics work in clinical practice, education, research and development and leadership and management.

This is where you can share your story and tell us what you do. 


We have developed a template to help you to structure your case study and tell us about yourself, what you do, and where you do it.

Click here to read more about submitting a case study.


Read or watch individual case studies from people from across the paramedic profession below.

Georgette Eaton.png

Georgette Eaton

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellow
Oxford, United Kingdom

Waybne Auton.png

Wayne Auton

Advanced Paramedic

Chamonix, France 

Victoria Blake.png

Victoria Blake

Student Paramedic

United Kingdom 

Graham McClelland.png

Graham McClelland

Paramedic Research Fellow

United Kingdom 

Gavin Keymer.png

Gavin Keymer

Student Paramedic

Scotland, United Kingdom 

Vicki Brown.png

Vicki Brown

Advanced Clinical Practitioner – Critical Care

United Kingdom 

Kirsty Lowery-Richardson.png

Kirsty Lowery-Richardson

Head of Education, College of Paramedics

United Kingdom 

Julia Williams.png

Julia Williams

Head of Research, College of Paramedics; Head of Research at  South East Coast Ambulance Service; Professor of Paramedic Science University of Hertfordshire

United Kingdom

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